KYC2: The building project – what work is still to be done & when?

While we reached our target of opening the Clubhouse at Easter, it was far from the end of the project. The building had achieved practical completion, and attained a certificate of occupancy, however there was – and is – more to be done before it is ready to host our camps and operate as a state of the art lifesaving centre.

Immediate priorities post-opening were working with the builder to eliminate identified defects, which will be an ongoing process over the season. We’ve also added most of the IT infrastructure that will support the operations.

Starting on Monday 19th August, our builder IB Projects returns to the site for a four week blitz of activity leading into our first camps – the IRB Drivers Camp and Silver Camp, which will both be held during the September school holidays.

The works will include:

  • Landscaping and planting the entire southern dune below the Clubhouse;
  • Repairing and installing a new drainage system for Parks Victoria;
  • Installing all TV’s, projectors and screens in the Clubhouse which will be used for education programs;
  • Installing a walkway around the control room, and a security gate adjacent to the outdoor shower;
  • Building a bin enclosure behind the concrete wall in front of the building;
  • Set up of all accommodation and catering areas; and,
  • A range of smaller variations which have been identified as important.

Once these works have been undertaken, two related projects will then continue – the completion of the access road, and the eastern pathway project.

The access road will have two fauna crossings installed. These are basically tunnels under the road that will allow local fauna such as echidnas to cross underneath. The road will also have a final surface layer added to it, which was always planned.

The eastern pathway project will see a section of the pathway to the east of the Clubhouse relocated slightly, allowing the Club’s fire hydrant to be contained within the lease area of the Club. Once the path location is finalized, the courtyard area at the east will be finished. Initially this will be furnished with an outdoor table and a basketball ring and will hopefully become an additional area for members to gather.

Subject to planning approval, these works will be completed before the commencement of the patrol season.

Next edition: The southern dune: what’s supporting the dune and Clubhouse, and what are we planting on it?