The role of the Member Protection Officer (MPO) is to provide information and guidance on complaints and procedures. We are the first point of call in the club for any enquiries, concerns or complaints about harassment, abuse or other inappropriate behaviour. These behaviours may be regarding the behaviour of a member in relation to another member, a member in relation to a person in the community or a person in the community may contact us in regard to the behaviour of one of our members. The MPOs provide information about possible ways to resolve the issue and offer support to the person who raises the concern or the person who is the subject of the alleged behaviour. All information is treated as strictly confidential (including from members of the PSLSC Committee). We have an independent judicial panel to which we refer issues of a more serious nature for deliberation and to make recommendations to our Committee.

If you would like to bring a situation to our attention, we invite you to contact us confidentially. We may ask you to submit a formal letter of complaint, citing details and evidence about your situation. The MPOs will then launch an investigation into the situation and we can move to take appropriate actions and resolutions.



Below is a member protection policy, outlined by SLSA, for which all members of Portsea SLSC should be aware.

Below is a database of LSV policies pertaining to LSV operations, member protection, administration, grievance and inclusivity. These policies outline the minimum standards necessary for the conduct and management of lifesaving activities within all clubs affiliated with Life Saving Victoria. Clubs should use these policies as a first point of reference for the conduct of all activities.