• No entering bedrooms or bathrooms of the opposite gender at any time;
  • The Club has a zero tolerance policy for under age drinking or illicit drug use;
  • No wetsuits inside any part of the building except for the equipment area (and the control room if required). This includes the showers;
  • Only staff or designated subcommittee members may enter the office or kitchen area;
  • All sand must be washed off before entering the Clubhouse;
  • All areas of the Club are smoke free, including deck areas;
  • All members of the Club have a responsibility to keep the Clubhouse clean and prevent any damage to equipment or building;
  • Abide by the Accommodation Policy when staying at the Clubhouse.
  • No bullying, harassment or disrespect towards club members or the general public;
  • No disrespect or damage to the club equipment, property and surrounding environment including the dune in front of the Club.

Any breach of the Club rules will result in disciplinary action, which may include Club suspension.

Portsea SLSC has a zero tolerance policy when it comes to underage drinking and/or drugs. This includes consuming at the Clubhouse or coming to the Clubhouse while under the influence of either for any members or guests under the age of 18.

A breach of this rule results in automatic suspension of the member. All membership rights will be revoked until the case can be considered by members of the Committee. To be clear, this means no access to the Clubhouse, no patrols or participation in any Club activity.

The Club asks its members to assist in ensuring this rule is upheld at all times.


Portsea SLSC is committed to ensuring that members operate in an environment where people are treated in a respectful manner at all times. It is important for a safe and harmonious club that members are aware of the impact of their behaviours on others. Please review the below Respectful Relationships Policy for further details.


All of the Club and Clubhouse rules, plus:

  • No use of the lift unless permission is granted by the Chief Instructor;
  • Other than scheduled camp activities, no leaving the premises unless explicit permission is given by the Chief Instructor;
  • Treat all other camp attendees with respect, including instructors, water safety and special guests;
  • All camp attendees and instructors must be financial members of the Club.
  • Downstairs bathrooms have been designated for camp use.


  • Annual financial membership.
  • Annual award requalification.


  • Be committed to our core responsibilities as surf lifesavers at all times.
  • Perform duties within our capabilities and knowledge.
  • Complete allocated patrols.
  • Complete allocated patrol duties.
  • ​Contribute towards club fundraising events, including Swim Classic, Pier to Perignon, Door Knock Appeal.