Portsea SLSC has 60 bunk beds that can be made use of.

We have rules about who can stay at the Clubhouse. Please make sure you are across them before applying to stay.



Who can stay overnight at the Club?

Any patrolling member 18 years of age or over can stay overnight. The member must be booked in for every night they plan to stay via the online booking system.

Can under 18's stay at the Club?

Yes, provided that they have a supervisor which has been approved by the Committee. Supervisor request forms must be submitted at least 24 hours before your requested overnight stay.

When can I stay at the Club?

Provided there isn’t a camp on which has booked out the Club (e.g. Bronze camp), in the peak patrolling season, active members can stay any night. In the shoulder season, active members can stay Friday/Saturday/Sunday nights, or the night before/after public holidays. Outside of the patrolling season, members cannot stay at the Club.

If there isn’t enough room, preference will be given to those who are patrolling the next day, or who have just patrolled that day.

Can families stay at the Club?

A family can book out the family room if at least one of the parents is an active member. There are 4 beds (2 bunks) in the family room. Families will be responsible for any underage family members at all times. All members of the family who are over 18 must have a valid WWCC.


What is a FOB?

It is an electronic keypass that can provide access to our building.

Who gets a FOB?

Any financial member that has a valid WWCC. Active members will need to complete an induction and they get more building access. All members are required to pay a refundable deposit of $10 for a keypass-style fob or $25 for a wrist-band style fob. This deposit will be refunded once the fob is returned to PSLSC.

A fob agreement form must be signed by the person receiving the fob. Fobs will only be distributed to the person the fob is allocated to.

Can I access the Club without a FOB?

Any time the food and beverage service is open, you will be able to access the main upstairs area and deck without a fob. Entry without a fob is only through the main sliding doors and up through the lobby.

What access does my FOB give me?

Associate members (any member that is not an active, patrolling member – including those with family memberships) will be able to buzz through the main gate downstairs, and get into the showers and the multi purpose room.

Active members will also be provided access to the equipment area, first aid room, control room, and the day patrol room.

Only those who are booked into the accommodation for the night will be able to access the bunk rooms.


If you would like to organise for under 18s to stay at the Clubhouse, supervisors can submit a Request to Supervise.

Please make sure you read the rules on supervision in the Accommodation Policy before submitting.

This is what the process looks like:

  1. Junior Member requests to Book by completing the Book Accomodation Form above;
  2. Supervisor submits Request to Supervise, listing the dates and who they will be supervising;
  3. Parents completes Parental Permission Form below;
  4. The Committee will approve or reject the stay, depending on whether the requirements are met and whether the Club can facilitate the stay at the time;
  5. If approved, those staying are expected to abide by all Club accommodation rules.