To recognise members (and nominal members) of the Portsea SLSC who have given long and/or exceptional service.

The recognition will be permanent and it is intended that individuals who are voted into the Portsea SLSC Wall of Fame will regard this award as an honour given to them by the Portsea SLSC in recognition of their service to the Club. The quality of service (size of the contribution) is to have equal relevance with length of service.

Extended Criteria


  1. Nominal Active – Active Reserve combined with a Committee Role or Chair of a significant sub committee will equal one nominal active year.
  2. Active reserve years (on their own) will equal 1 nominal active year.

Nominal Member
An Associate Member or a close affiliate of the club, who for some reason (mainly legal) cannot be a member of the Club (i.e Honorary Auditor).

Life Members
On being awarded Life Membership of the Portsea SLSC or Victorian / Australian SLS the person will automatically become a member of the Wall of Fame.

Individuals Who Achieve The Following Would Be Expected To Be Voted Into The Portsea SLSC Wall Of Fame:

  1. 20 Years Active (or Nominal Active) years service
  2. 12 Years Active (or Nominal Active) plus 5 years on Committee or Chair/Major Leadership Role of Significant Sub Committee (ie Swim Classic)
  3. 12 Years Active (or Nominal Active) & either an Australian Medal Winner or a member of an “Official” Victorian or Australian Surf Life Saving Team or a “Wishart Medal” /State or National Life Saver of the Year
  4. 10 years as a Patrol Captain
  5. 12 years on the Board of Examiners or Victorian/Australian SLS Executive
  6. 10 years Active and 3 years as Club Captain or President

Minimum Requirements for Entry Into the Portsea SLSC Wall Of Fame:

  1. 7 years Active (or Nominal Active) or
  2. 5 years on Committee or
  3. 5 years Chair/Major leadership role of a Significant Sub Committee or
  4. 10 years in an individually nominated, highly active, honorary role (ie Honorary Auditor) or
  5. 5 years as the head of a major fund raising group (eg John Bell)

(The selection committee can recommend an overriding of the minimum requirements in exceptional cases such as, death, permanent disability, and relocation. However in these cases the quality of service must be considered outstanding.)

Members who have achieved in excess of the above the minimum requirements and combine a number of elements of the Automatic Selection Criteria are to be individually, but positively viewed.

Achievements such as Victorian Gold medals are also to be positively viewed (Individual more highly than team).

For a contribution to be counted it must have been achieved whilst a member of Portsea SLSC. For State or National awards to be considered, then the individual must have been a member of the Portsea SLSC for the majority of the time they were contributing at a high level on a State/National basis.

Selection Process
Names of potential Wall of Fame Members can be forwarded to the Selection Committee (via the club secretary) by anyone (including the person themselves) with a history of their contribution and 2 referees.

The Club Committee or the Selection Committee can nominate individuals to be considered at anytime.

The Selection Committee will recommend to the Club Committee at the final Board Meeting before the Annual General Meeting a list of new inductees for ratification.

This ratified list will then be presented to the Annual General Meeting for ratification.

Selection Committee
The Selection Committee will consist of 4 members of the Wall of Fame. The Club Committee will be appointed by the club committee and will be presented annually to the Annual General Meeting for ratification.

The Club Committee will nominate the Initial Selection Committee. It will consist of four members who are representative of the calibre of individual eligible to be a member of the Wall of Fame. The Initial Selection Committee will be the first recommended inductees into the Wall of Fame.

The appeal process for individuals who are nominated for the Wall of Fame, but are not recommended for induction is as follows:

Level 1 – Wall of Fame Selection Committee
Level 2 – Club Committee
Level 3 – Annual General Meeting

For an appeal to be considered it must be made in writing and must go through level 1 before proceeding to level 2, and then level 2 before proceeding to level 3.

Any member of the Portsea SLSC can lodge an appeal.

Withdrawal Of Membership of the Wall of Fame
Wall of Fame Membership is an honour Bestowed on individuals in recognition for the service to the club. In extreme cases (ie expulsion from the Club) this honour can be removed.

This removal would require a recommendation to be put by the Club Committee to the Annual General Meeting and the “for” vote to be carries by a ¾ majority.

Wall of Fame Membership Entitlements

  1. Permanent Recognition in the Club – Honour Board
  2. Invitation to the Annual Wall of Fame Cocktail Party (New Inductees will be guests of the Club)
  3. A trophy to recognise the membership
  4. Preferential (but not automatic) entry into club run programs for the individuals, their spouses/partners, and their children. (ie Nippers, Bronze & Cadet Camps). Wall of Fame Members must still apply within prescribed deadlines and pay the appropriate fees to be considered for preferential entry.

Legends of the Club
Once the concept of the Wall of Fame is established within the Portsea SLSC, then it will be extended to Legends of the Club, which will recognise higher levels of service.

Nomination Form


  • Adams, Norman (2002)
  • Armstrong, Martin (2002)
  • Aschhoff, John (2002)
  • Baillieu, Edward (2002)
  • Beattie, Philip (2002)
  • Beazley, Ron (2002)
  • Bell, John (Dec’d) (2002)
  • Berry, Richard (Dec’d) (2002)
  • Boyce, Roy (Dec’d) (2002)
  • Briglia, Anthony (2002)
  • Burke, Marcus (Dec’d) (2002)
  • Cameron, Rowan (2002)
  • Campbell, Ian (2002)
  • Carlin, Vaughan (2002)
  • Clifton, Richard (2002)
  • Davidson, Peter (2002)
  • Eva, Lois (2002)
  • Eva, Brian (2002)
  • Fisher, Richard (2002)
  • Flower, Michael (2002)
  • Grimshaw, Mark (2002)
  • Guilday, Hal (Dec’d) (2002)
  • Hall, Mal (2002)
  • Harrison, Dwight (2002)
  • Hart, Andrew (2002)
  • Hart, Tim (2002)
  • Hart, Kerri (2002)
  • Hewitt, Andrew (2002)
  • Hood, Natalie (2002)
  • Hopper, Jack (Dec’d) (2002)
  • Hoy, Paul (2002)
  • Humphris, Peter (Dec’d) (2002)
  • Hunt, Jeff (2002)
  • Hunter, Paul (2002)
  • Hunter, Cameron (2002)
  • Hunter, Tyler (2002)
  • Kay, Tim (2002)
  • Kay, Nigel (Dec’d) (2002)
  • Kirchhubel, John (Dec’d) (2002)
  • Knight, Simon (2002)
  • Knight, Bill (2002)
  • Law, Jos (2002)
  • Law, Rick (2002)
  • Lawson, Henry (2002)
  • Martin, Nicholas (2002)
  • McCann, Charles (2002)
  • Milligan, Angus (2002)
  • Moulden, Rob (2002)
  • Murray, Peter (2002)
  • Napthine, Mil (Dec’d) (2002)
  • Parkes, Michael John (2002)
  • Perrin, Lloyd (2002)
  • Pizzi, Marc (2002)
  • Porter, Bruce (2002)
  • Powell, David (2002)
  • Reardon, Gerry (2002)
  • Reid, Steve (2002)
  • Robertson, Robert (2002)
  • Roche, Denis (2002)
  • Schall-Riaucour, Charlie (2002)
  • Scott, William (2002)
  • Smith Snr, Clive (Dec’d) (2002)
  • Spencer, Vernon (2002)
  • Stirling, Sam (2002)
  • Stringer, John (2002)
  • Thom, Nick (Dec’d) (2002)
  • Tisher, Bryan (2002)
  • Traynor, Susan (2002)
  • Walsh, Stephen (2002)
  • Wells, Graham (2002)
  • White, Russ (Dec’d) (2002)
  • Wilson, Lachlan (2002)
  • Wishart, John (Dec’d) (2002)
  • Wright, Andrew (2002)
  • Adams, Timothy (2004)
  • Wishart, Timothy (2004)
  • Henry, Talbot (2005)
  • Hewitt, Sarah (2005)
  • Lynch, Jo (2007)
  • Rayner, Stuart (2007)
  • Wilson, Simon (2007)
  • Clinch, Michael (2009)
  • Hart, Marg (2009)
  • Henry, Andrew (2009)
  • Kerr, Darren (2009)
  • Sargeant, Rex (Dec’d) (2009)
  • Byrne, Julian (2010)
  • Carter, Charles (2010)
  • Ronald, Emma (2010)
  • Smoger, Tyrone (2010)
  • Wilson, Michael (2010)
  • Walton, David (Dec’d) (2014)
  • Stoll, Wayne (2015)
  • Kiss, Andrew (2016)
  • Paterson, David (2016)
  • Walton, Christine (2018)
  • Unkles, James (2020)
  • Flockart, David (2020)
  • Gould, Rebecca (2020)
  • Wilson, Fiona (2020)
  • Faulkhead, Jesse (2020)
  • Tissot, Nicholas (2020)
  • Perrott, Matthew (2020)
  • Mahon, Matthew (2020)
  • Wilson, Peter (2020)
  • Skinner, Philippa (2020)
  • Evans, Craig (2020)
  • Riddell, Sophie (2020)
  • Fox, Lindsay (2020)
  • Fildes OAM, Rob (2020)