31st Jan 2021 – P2P Update


IT’S TIME TO START GETTING EXCITED – We are edging ever closer and it’s now only 3 weeks until we can once again meet to hold the 33rd running of the Iconic Pier to Perignon Swim.

Current Update on the upcoming Pier to Perignon 2021 Swim on Sunday 21st February.
 Due to the highly successful running of the Portsea Swim Classic, where we adopted some new systems to better manage the running of the race, and also the current situation with COVID19, we have determined that this year’s P2P will be run as follows:

  1. The Single Wave format will be maintained
  2. The Race will commence at approximately 11.05 am or immediately after the 11.00 am Sorrento Ferry leaves.


  1. Our new registration process will be used which incorporates:
    • Every swimmer being provided with a unique QR code via an email with a link.
      • This email will be sent to all swimmers approximately one week prior to the race
  2. The QR code will be scanned at the registration / check-in next to the Sorrento Pier  (Please note we may make an early pick-up service available on Saturday 20th February from the PSLSC clubhouse, if this is to occur it will be advised via your pre-race email) and you will receive the following:
    • Disposable transponder with your personal unique number
    • Swimming Cap
    • Bag Tag – This bag tag will have the same last digits as your transponder. 
      • It can be attached to your bags if you wish them transported from Sorrento to Portsea
      • You can then collect your bags after the race using your transponder as your proof of ownership (See below)
  • If you collect your transponder on Saturday. 
    • When arriving at the race on Sunday, you will be required to have your transponder on your leg and to enter the marshalling area by walking across a special mat that will record that you are on site.

Two days prior to the race all swimmers will receive an email that will contain a link to an online COVID19 questionnaire. This is required to be completed prior to swimming.

Disposable face masks will need to be worn in the marshaling area prior to the race.

  • If you don’t have a mask you will be provided with one at the time of registration

Face masks are to be disposed of prior to the race in the rubbish bins that will be provided.  You will be advised when it is acceptable to do so.


  1. Our new merchandise collection process (T-Shirt/Cap etc) will happen post-race, where the following needs to be understood:
    • Your transponder is your key to receiving your merchandise bag
    • Your transponder must remain on your leg 
    • You will be asked to walk across a mat at the merchandise tent which will read your transponder and print out your specific card in the tent. Please follow the instructions on when to walk across the mat.
    • The people in the tent will then be able to provide you with your merchandise bag and the print out.
    • On the print out you will also find your race time and your finishing position
  2. If you have left your bag with us prior to the race:
    • An area will be set aside for bag collection at the finish
    • Your transponder is your proof of identity when collecting your bag
    • Bags will be arranged in colour grouping and transponder numbers to minimise time to collect – Please get yourself familiar with both.


A bus will operate between the Sorrento start and the Portsea finish. The use of masks and sanitizer is mandatory on this bus. 

Any other visitors will be required to first register using the QR codes that will be available at multiple locations around the sites. This is mandatory and we ask you to please follow all of the rules that are in place which are there for all of our safety.

Please note that if conditions change with respect to COVID19 requirements we may need to reconsider the single wave format and revert back to a double wave. 

We appreciate all of your understanding and help in ensuring that all of the event rules and guidelines are followed. We will, in the email that will be sent to you prior to the event, provide a link to a full race information document and COVID-19 documentation.

We ask you to please take the time to read these documents to ensure you are aware of what will be required on the day. 

The Event Organising Committee thanks you for your assistance