Lady Nelson and JR Wright Handicap Surf Swim Season 2020 – 2021

As a reminder this Active members-only event started in the 1963 – 1964 season and was won in that year by D. Wells.  The trophy was donated by club member John Wright the father of two excellent surf swimmers in Richard and Andrew who were both ranked in pool and surf at Victorian and National competition level.

The following guidelines are to be observed for the race:

  • The Lady Nelson &  J.R. Wright surf races will held every Sunday and Public Holiday, 11:00am during January February and March.
  • Patrol Captains have the discretion of whether surf conditions are safe enough to hold the event.
  • Patrols Captains dictate the course of the race.
  • Competitors will be required to wear training vests and swimming caps
  • The race is to remain handicapped, with handicaps calculated on previous results for the current season only.
  • Points for positions are allocated as:
5th and competitors who finish the course.1

  • Members competing for the Portsea SLSC at an official SLS Carnival will get 2 points towards The Lady Nelson &  J.R. Wright automatically; however, to win the cup a competitor must have participated in at least 3 swims at Portsea.
  • Patrol Captains have the discretion to disqualify competitors who deliberately disrupt the race.

Please note, that on Sunday the 3rd January, the event will have an added relevance as the family of the late Marcus Burke have provided a medal for the first person on the day. This will be awarded after the event on the day.