The current and future COVID-19 restrictions have required us to consider a number of different possible scenarios for the conduct of the program this year:

  • Scenario A: Business as Usual
    • Traditional weeklong, live-in camp
  • Scenario B: Restricted Live in Program
    • Capacity of 80 participants, which will be split into two separate 4 day programs (Bronze Camp 1 and Bronze Camp 2)
      • 40 participants per camp
    • Each camp will live at the club for the duration of the program
  • Scenario C: Restricted Day Program
    • Same structure as Scenario B, excluding the live-in component
      • Option 1: An entirely face to face program
        • 9am-5pm on 4 days
      • Option 2: A bended format whereby some theory will be required to be completed online
        • 10am-4pm on 4 days
      • Please note that we are striving to run an entirely face to face program; however, this of course will be dependent on the COVID-19 and LSV regulations at the time
  • Scenario D: No Program in 2020; however, we will endeavour to run two Bronze Camps in 2021, one for our 2020 cohort and a separate camp for our 2021 cohort.


  • Priority registration opens – 9:00AM Monday 5th October 2020
    • Only golden ticket holders are eligible for priority registration. If you have received a golden ticket you will be contacted via email by the end of the week. 
  • General registration opens– 8:30AM Monday 12th October 2020


Given the current COVID-19 restrictions, we do not yet know how many candidates will be allowed to participate in our Bronze Camp. In the event of a reduced program capacity, places in the program will be allocated to all who were eligible to register during the priority registration period first, then places will be allocated on a first come/first served basis to those who registered via general registration.

In the event of there being limitations on program capacity or no program in 2020, we will offer a refund of Bronze Camp registration fees (not Club membership fees) net of external administration fees ($15).


Bronze Camp registration fees have been set at $350 in line with Scenario C.

NOTE: In the event that we are able to run Bronze Camp in line with a Scenario B or Scenario A model, the prices will increase to $420 and $600, respectively.   


(NB: Dates are subject to change due to COVID-19 restrictions)

  • Accreditation swim (date and location TBC)
  • Bronze Camp 1
    • 13th December 2020
    • 14th December 2020
    • 15th December 2020
    • 16th December 2020
  • Bronze Camp 2
    • 18th December 2020
    • 19th December 2020
    • 20th December 2020
    • 21st December 2020