The Club Update

WOW – What a summer at The Club.

We all thought its was going to be busy, but I never expected that it was going to be quite that busy.

Thank you to Staff

I’d like to start by firstly thanking the incredible team of staff that we pulled together in such a short space of time. Patrick our resident Frenchy was an absolute crowd favourite on the floor, wooing the woman with his suave accent and generous smile. And Joe, our Head Chef who worked the hardest I’ve ever seen anyone work in a kitchen, pumping out 4 weeks of 90 plus hours. What an amazing inspiring and committed effort!

Quite simply with out these two gentlemen by my side we could not have achieved what we achieved throughout December and January. Let’s hope we can get these two fellas to stay with us for a while yet!

The support staff in the bar and the floor were all made up of clubbies from the age of 15 to 30.  Some of whom were experiencing their first job experience, whilst others were more experienced but had still never worked pressure shifts like we did through summer.

Members and Guests

We asked everybody to show their support to the Club back in December and you didn’t let us down! I’d like to also thank all the members and guests who supported The Club day after day buying coffees and food regularly and keeping the tills flowing. It’s because of your continued support we are now still able to keep the doors open over the coming months

What’s still to Come

There’s still plenty of hot weather left so don’t be strangers.

From February through to Easter we are planning to remain open on the weekends for the following hours;

  • Friday 5pm – 11pm
  • Saturday 8am – 11pm
  • Sunday 8am – 4pm

Bookings are best to be made online through the Portsea website the office will not be staffed to answer calls mid-week.