Pier to Perignon – Info for Members

The Pier 2 Perignon has hit a major milestone with a record number of 900 swimmers registered to swim the event this year with the swim once again being sold out in a remarkable 35 mins.. What makes this event remarkable is the fact that unlike most major swims that have multiple waves the Pier to Perignon has only 1 wave of all 900 swimmers starting at the same time. This adds another level of complexity to the event and requires a large Water safety presence to facilitate.

This number of swimmers this year also adds a significant amount of work for us to stage this event and to ensure this event retains the level of professionalism that the swimmers frequently comment on.

We would appreciate all the help we can get to help make this event run smoothly.

People are required in multiple areas that include:

  • Water Safety
    • IRB Drivers and Crew
    • Board Paddlers
    • Stand Up Paddle Boarders
    • Surf Skis
  • Registration Tent
  • Swimmers bag drop of area at the Sorrento Pier start area for transport by truck to The Portsea camp
  • Unloading of bags at Portsea Oval and collection area for swimmers bags
  • Delivering various items including trailers with goods to the start and finish areas
  • Finishing Line
  • Setting up the presentation area including the product to the stalls
  • Working in the various stalls to hand out product to the swimmers that we with the help of our sponsors provide
    • Emma & Toms Quencher with no added sugar
    • Split Rock Bottled Water
    • Baked in Portsea Fruit Muffins
    • Fresh fruit from Scicluna’s of Sorrento
    • BBQ sausages supplied by PSLSC
  • Cleaning up the Oval at completion of the race

The P2P for 2020 has had a change of venue for the race presentations with a move from the Newton Reserve to “The Portsea Camp” Oval.

A special thanks is given to Di DeCorrado acting CEO of “The Portsea Camp” for her unwavering support to the club and being so helpful in allowing us the use of their oval to stage the event.

A number of other new initiatives have been introduced for this years event:

  • Food Vendors adding to our offering at the Portsea Oval
  • A dedicated truck being introduced to transport swimmers bags from Sorrento Pier to the oval
  • Skin Cancer checks being offered at the oval
  • P4O “People 4 Oceans” providing their environmentally friendly sunscreen to swimmers at the start
  • Return of the Rosebud RSL Pipe and Drums band at the start line

This event is one of the PSLSC major fund raising activities which are critical to allowing the club to operate in an effective manner.

We look forward to being able to once again provide the setting for another remarkable swim. Thank you in advance to all of those people that come down on the 16th to help the club.

Craig Evans

P2P Event Director