Life Members Lunch

Sunday 19th January 2020

The Portsea Clubhouse

Life Members started arriving at the clubhouse for the lunch to celebrate the induction of Immediate Past President Stuart Rayner from 11:30 onwards with many meeting for the first time since the Sophie Riddell Life Members dinner back in April 2018.

What a delight to see them chatting around the bar in The Wishart Room, enjoying canapes and a drink until, with a loud peal of the Mazza (Wishart) Bell, the group was brought to order and seats taken in Portsea’s newly opened restaurant, The Club, for lunch.

We keep the formal aspects of our gatherings to a minimum with Past Secretary and Club Historian, Ian Campbell, welcoming those present and acknowledging apologies; special welcome to our Patron Rob Fildes and wife Sandy; Club President Matt Mahon and Club Captain Matt Perrott. Ian, regrettably advising that Mal Hall would be unable to attend, delivered a short history of Mal’s involvement in the club since season 1952/53.

In between courses, Sophie Riddell, who nominated Stu for Life Membership, delivered a short speech on Stu and presented him with the magnificent hardwood block, Life Members award.  Stu responded saying how honoured he felt to be recognised for his work, that he intended to contribute, albeit from his new home in Hobart and that his children would participate Nippers.

President Matt and Fundraising Manager Nick Martin updated the gathering on the features of the new clubhouse and fundraising initiatives that are available.

During the lunch, we were joined by a couple of senior stalwarts; Peter Horman from the 1951/52 season and David Crankshaw from the 1955/56 season who were there to catch-up with Mal Hall. Their presence was welcomed by our senior Life Members, many of whom had not seen these two gentlemen for some time.

The lunch was a great success and the new facilities and food most enjoyable, thanks to General Manager, Wayne Stoll and his staff.

Life Members In attendance:

  • Angus Milligan
  • Norm Adams
  • Vernon Spencer
  • Graham Wells
  • Brian Eva
  • Tim Kay
  • Rick Law
  • Michael Parkes
  • Steve Reid
  • Ian Campbell
  • Tim Hart
  • Nicholas Martin
  • Sue Traynor
  • Cameron Hunter
  • Rob Moulden
  • Andrew Hewitt
  • Lachie Wilson
  • Rowan Cameron
  • Simon Wilson
  • Kerri Hart
  • Sophie Riddell
  • Stuart Rayner

Ian Campbell

Life Member