Appointment of General Manager

On behalf of the Committee, I am delighted to announce the appointment of Wayne Stoll as the Club’s inaugural General Manager, as we prepare to operate the first season from our new Clubhouse.

Wayne’s role will be reasonably broad, although will have a heavy focus overseeing and being accountable for the Club’s F&B operation. His role will cover:

  • Management of the food and beverage business
  • Responsibility for compliance with liquor licence, lease and other regulatory requirements
  • Building services and maintenance management
  • Integration of lifesaving services and training needs within the Clubhouse
  • Coordination of community use of the Clubhouse
  • Management of relationships with key stakeholders

The club has built an expectation among members and other stakeholders that these new member F&B-related services will be delivered with a level of professionalism commensurate with the new facilities.

The club does not currently have the skills or the volunteer resources to deliver the new services. Consequently, the club has chosen to engage staff to establish the new range of member services and ensure their smooth delivery.

The club plans to use the clubhouse to offer a substantially greater and more complex range of activities and services centred around a food & beverage (F&B) offering, in addition to its traditional lifesaving operations:

  • Food and beverage service
  • Bar
  • Standard member events (cocktail party, presidents clubs, etc.)
  • External events for members (weddings, functions, events)
  • Community camps
  • Other clubhouse activities

The position is a Part Time role although has potential scope to grow if the business case exists. In the lead up to and over the busy summer peak, we expect Wayne will be full time, and will progressively scale back over the low season and winter period.

Over summer our focus is unashamedly member service, while in the low and off-season, we hope to open the Club for events, camps and other community uses, which will potentially generate sufficient revenue to fund our operations.

Wayne has had a long involvement in the Portsea SLSC, dating back more than 30 years. A former State Champion in beach flags and beach sprints and member of the Masochists patrol, Wayne understands the Club culture and obviously knows many of you already.

Off the beach, Wayne started his career in marketing and sales, working for the likes of Disney and Lion Nathan. From there he established one of Melbourne’s first mobile coffee cart businesses, before moving into pubs and other businesses, the most recent being his Camberwell-based restaurant Prohibition, which he has operated for the past five years.

While continuing to own Prohibition, Wayne has restructured his own team, which will see him less involved in the day to day.

Wayne has worked in a voluntary capacity over the past 6 months as part of the Facilities Subcommittee, and working directly in particular with Rob Mellor, overseeing the consultancy of Henry Dyer, as he prepared the Club’s F&B operation for the summer. With Henry’s recent appointment as CEO of Sorrento SSCBC, his services became unavailable to us at relatively short notice. The Committee undertook a condensed search, and following an interview process, Wayne was appointed for a 12-month period in the role.

I am sure you will join me in welcoming Wayne into this new role, and supporting him in what we hope will be a great new chapter for the Club.

Wayne commences in the role immediately.

Matt Mahon