KYC 1: Food and beverage update

What is this series?

Over the next 6 months we will be featuring a series of articles in the eBoomer which are designed to introduce our members to the Clubhouse, and to give you an understanding about how it will operate once the lifesaving season starts. 

Naturally, there are many questions….we will do our best to cover most of the obvious ones, and to give you a good idea of what to expect when you are down at the Club.

The series will look at things like:

  • Food and beverage service – will I be able to come down to the Clubhouse for a meal?
  • Access arrangements – who can go where, and when?
  • Events and functions – can the Clubhouse be booked by members or other groups?
  • Lifesaving operations – where does everything live? How does it work? Will it change the way we patrol?
  • Accommodation – who can stay overnight at the Clubhouse? How do you go about it?
  • Budget – how will our operating costs change? How will this be funded?
  • And a whole host of other areas which may be of interest!

KYC1: Food and Beverage

One of the most frequently asked series of questions is about food and beverage. Understandably, our members are keen to understand what service will be offered, when it will be available and how will it work?

The new clubhouse has facilities for catering and provision of F&B services that far exceed the capabilities of the old clubhouse, including a bar, cool room and full commercial kitchen.  Expectations are high among club members and supporters that a suitable F&B offering will be provided to take advantage of the new facilities.

The Facilities Subcommittee has had the benefit of industry knowledge provided by members Wayne Stoll and Paul Hunter. Wayne established and runs Prohibition Restaurant in Toorak Road Camberwell and Paul runs a large pub group. Both have been Portsea members for decades.

To supplement this expertise, the Club has engaged Henry Dyer and his team in a consulting role to assist us in defining and establishing an appropriate F&B service to be delivered from the clubhouse in time for the 2019/20 patrol season.

The objectives of the appointment are to:

  • Design an F&B offering that is appropriate in response to the club’s requirements;
  • Provide advice on how best to implement the F&B offering;
  • Perform the services required to make the F&B offering operational;
  • Provide recommendations of a suitable complete operational and commercial model for the F&B offering and operating the clubhouse; and,
  • Provide a proposal to assist with operating the F&B offering and operating the clubhouse.

Henry leads the F&B operation at the Sorrento Sailing and Couta Boat Club (SSCBC) also in a consulting capacity, which he will continue while working with Portsea SLSC.

Henry has formal qualifications in hospitality and almost 20 years experience working and managing large scale businesses in the food and beverage industry, both here and overseas.

Henry lives in Shoreham with his wife and two daughters so is based on the Mornington Peninsula.

Bernard McCarthy is working alongside Henry, and provides the chef’s perspective in the team.

Bernard comes to the Club with a wealth of experience and talent spanning almost 30 years in the industry. Members may have experienced Bernard’s incredible cooking at the award-winning Salix at Willow Creek, Barn & Co and Bistro Maison, all based on the Mornington Peninsula.

Bernard’s vast knowledge of Mornington Peninsula produce and suppliers, his extensive experience in running large restaurants and his passion for fresh, family friendly dining, will meet the needs of our Club environment.

Henry and Bernard are already working on new menus to cater for every aspect of our Food & Beverage offering, so watch this space.

Current thinking has us planning for a contemporary bistro-style, casual dining menu which will be available throughout January. The style will be in keeping with the surrounds and the culture of the club. We are taking inspiration from Byron Bay’s Top Shop, which offers a great range of healthy, delicious foods crafted from the freshest local produce.  For more visit

It will be a member-focused service, patronized by our members and their guests. So, to make it work, we will need your support!

We also see it as a fantastic opportunity to provide seasonal employment for our members. In the coming weeks/month or so we will be advertising for staff in the eBoomer. Unashamedly, our members will be given first opportunity. We see this as another opportunity to develop new skills for our members, which will hopefully also see them remain as patrolling members for longer.

We are very excited to have Henry and Bernard working with the Club.

As this work progresses, we will provide further updates on the F&B offering.

Next edition: The building: what work is still to be done & when?