Clubhouse Opening – What to Expect

This Saturday will mark the official opening of our fabulous new Clubhouse – and if the response to our opening celebrations is anything to go by, excitement is at an all-time high.

So, what can you expect to see this weekend?

The building will this week be formally handed over to the Club by its builder, IB Projects. While the building itself has been completed, works will continue on the site until spring. These works include:

  • Minor defect rectification works (April/May)
  • Completing road and drainage infrastructure (April/May)
  • Replanting vegetation on the southern dune (May)
  • Realigning the eastern pathway and establishing the courtyard at the eastern end of the building (July/August/September)
  • A range of other minor projects and modifications to works

As with any new building, we would expect there will be a range of defects that need to be rectified. Defects rectification is standard with any new build and the Building Sub-committee and Nash will work with IB Projects to see that these are resolved.

All bedding and some other furnishings will also be finalised and installed. On the walls you will notice we have installed a range of decorations. We have started modestly, and have intentionally held off installing a range of other features, which we expect will be in place by next summer. Still to be installed:

  • Recognition of Life Members
  • Wall of Fame
  • Donor recognition for the new Clubhouse
  • Trophy cabinet to be used as a tribute to key moments in Club history
  • John Wishart story
  • Other photos and memorabilia

While we are opening the building this weekend, we continue to refine the operating model, and we are not yet ready to throw open the doors to the membership for everyday use. Over the next few months the Facilities Sub-committee and the Club Committee will be working hard to agree and document guidelines, which will outline how we will all engage with our new Clubhouse.

The Committee is in the process of refining the Clubhouse rules and member expectations in relation to the new Clubhouse. These will be largely based on our existing rules with appropriate updates given the new building layout and its functions. For example, not all areas of the Clubhouse will be accessible to all membership categories and sand and wetsuits will be prohibited on the first floor.

The operational model will outline the expected day-to-day running of the clubhouse, the purpose of club rooms, accommodation, cleaning and maintenance requirements, as well as the food and beverage service. While we aim to have this largely in place for next season, we expect it will require tweaking as we go.

Also critical to this will be our permitted use. To that end we are in the early days of discussing a long-term lease with Parks Victoria and DELWP, which will also be a big factor in how the Clubhouse is used.

So, we look forward to seeing you this weekend, and hope that you are as proud of this new building as we all are. You will see that there remains more to be done, but be assured that this is underway.

It’s an exciting time for our Club as Portsea SLSC heads into its 70th year of operation, with this fabulous new facility to mark the start of our next chapter. Enjoy it, treasure it and lets all take very good care of it!!

See you on Easter Saturday!

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