Mordialloc Carnival Report

The double header Mordialloc Carnival Weekend kicked off on the Saturday with a Youth/Senior Carnival.  Our Youth numbers were down on the usual due to school starting back and Saturday sport, but we were still fielding teams in the men’s and women’s youth events, U17 youth events and open/masters events.

The warm weather and calm conditions made an ideal arena for one of the highlights of the carnival, which was to see our U17 women Steph Mahon and Chloe Dowling take on surf ski events.  A tough tussle around the course between the two team mates went right down to the line where a last minute burst of energy saw Steph take the win and our only pennant for the carnival.

The U17 women joined forces win a composite team with Manna Johnson (Portsea member competing for Hampton) and a couple of new Mentone friends, to enter the Belt Race.  Manna volunteered to don the belt for the sprint to the cans, and looked to be winning most of the way only to be pipped into second place.  The belt race is fun to watch – a blast from the past for oldies who may remember that in the days before IRB’s, this was how we did our off shore rescues. The team runs up the beach, picks up the reel, runs down the beach, and the beltman swims out to the cans, pulling kilos of rope behind, as the three linesman pay it out furiously.

Down in the youth area, the Portsea team and supporters felt like they had a huge win on arrival at the Mordialloc Carnival. It was going to be a hot day and we were the envy of all the other clubs with the perfect positioning of our club tent (Thanks Nick)! The first event was the Surf Teams it was great to see at marshalling that the 6 U14 boys were once again the largest U14 team of the carnival. All the boys competed well in the Iron with Emile 7th, Ned 9th and Charlie 15th in the final. Then came our first ever Board Rescue race on mals with Emile and Ned finishing 6th in the final. Our exciting big wave pair of Will and Charlie weren’t going to give the supporters the excitement they are accustomed to as Mordialloc was DEAD CALM! FLAT AS a TACK! Not even a ripple! Xavier and Hamish teamed up and tried with some success the new technique that had been learnt at the recent Manly carnivals. Last event for the U14 boys was the Tube race and Xavier 2nd and Ned 6th made the final and earned some valuable points.

Not to be outdone, Portsea had 5 under 14/15 girls forming teams for the swim team, with Charlotte Mahon volunteering to join Mount Martha in an U14 composite and Holly Grainger teaming up with Sophie, Steph and Georgie Kerr in the U15 Surf Teams race.  There were Board Rescue races, with Steph Hunter and Sophie Courtney making the final and irons.  Next up was the tube races with Steph placing third, in a very close finish, that a few of us aren’t too convinced was the true placing – but not worth fighting too hard over – tube races are notoriously difficult to judge.

Last but not least was the presence of our open/masters ski paddling team of Matt Mahon, Julian Grainger, Charlie Schall-Riaucour and Dave Flockart who fronted up race after race in the men’s area and showed that they really are not too far off the pace.  Jools, Chuck and Dave all made the A final. Matt missed a round while helping the U17’s, but still came back to record a second place in the B final.  In typical form, the ‘old bull Masters’ had challenged the ‘young bulls in U17’ to a race off in the 3-man Taplin – quite confusing to the commentator who couldn’t work out who all the old blokes were in the junior race.  Well done to our masters ski paddlers who came to race at every opportunity made available to them.

Thanks to Nick Tissot who did set up duties and dropped off the tent, the U14 Dads who are offered to official and do water safety, and to Nat Hood who walked around talking to herself all day in commentary.

Full Results

  • U14 Boys Surf Race: Xavier Purcell 3rd , Emile Stigter 9th Ned Betts 12th, Charlie Deacon 14th, Will Allen 17th, Hamish Wilson-Moran  18th
  • U15 Girls surf race and teams :  Steph Hunter 2nd, Sophie Courtney, Georgie Kerr, Holly Grainger
  • U14 Boys Iron Final: Emile 7th, Ned 9th, Charlie 15th
  • U14 Board Rescue: Emile/Ned – 6th
  • U14 Girls Board Rescue: Charlotte Mahon/Holly Grainger
  • U14 Boys Tube Race: Xavier -2nd, Ned -6th
  • U15 Girls Tube Race: Steph Hunter 3rd
  • U17 Women’s Novice Ski Race: 1st Steph Mahon, 2nd Chloe Dowling
  • U17 Women’s Belt Race: 2nd Manna Johnson (beltman), Chloe Dowling, Steph Mahon,
  • U17 Women’s Tube Race: Chloe Dowling
  • Open single ski: Dave Flockart, Charlie Schall-Riaucour, Julian Grainger A final; Matt Mahon B final 2nd place
  • Open: Ski Teams – 2nd place Dave/Charlie/Julian