Anglesea Carnival Report

On Sunday January 6th, a 30+ member strong team of Portsea competitors travelled to Anglesea for our 5th Youth/Senior Carnival. Not to miss the early events, a car load of five rowdy teenagers met at the ferry dock on Friday afternoon for the “trip across the rip” and a night of fun and camaraderie at the Geelong Cabin Park.

For the rest of the team, it meant an early morning start so our athletes and parent helpers could catch the 7am car ferry from Sorrento to Queenscliff then convoy – rooftops stacked high with racing mals and skis, through to Anglesea. Members raced across all age groups, including under 14, under 15, under 17, under 19, under 23 and Open – a number of Master competitors racing on the day in Opens. The Anglesea carnival, which is typically well attended from competition clubs around the state, didn’t disappoint with athletes spanning the entire beach line competing in multiple areas.

Conditions were well suited for our younger under 14 & under 15 athletes, with small to moderate waves all day and the occasional larger set to test all swimmers, board paddlers and ski paddlers. Sand conditions remained consistent throughout the day with little change.

The under 14’s had 6 competitors racing on the day, 5 boys and Holly, who at her first senior carnival was required to compete up an age and help out the u15 girls’ team! The boys got off to a flying start with Cormac showing his versatility to finish 2nd in the Beach Sprint. The Surf Race once again showed our strength with Xavier (3rd ), Harvey (6th ) and Emile (8th ) finishing in the top 10. The same 3 boys repeated the top 10 performance in the individual Board Race. The Cameron Relay was our first team event for the season and it was great to see Hamish power to the finish with a close 2nd. The team finished the day how we started with another 2nd and a fine display of surf skills in the Board Relay.

In U15, Tom Regan showed why he has been selected in the state team for the 3rd year in a row, with a win in the Surf Race, 2nd in the Iron and 6th in the Board.  The girls U15 Board Relay team of Georgie Kerr, Sophie Courtney and Steph Hunter (State Team Captain) came 3rd, then were joined by Holly Grainger in the Cameron Relay.

In the under 17’s, Griff and Oscar made the most of the beach events before midday, racing in the 2 x 1km Beach Relay (together finishing 1st Place), Beach Flags (Oscar 3rd in U17 Flags and 4th in Open Flags) and All Ages Mixed Relay (Oscar 1st place finish with a combined Anglesea team), and Oscar 2nd in the U17 beach Sprint. Griff continued his racing in the Board Race making the Division C final as well racing hard in the Sprint Swim. The U17 girls Chloe and Steph M, had a fun day – Surf Races, and Board Races no problem, but still wanting a bit more training before tackling the Surf Ski.

Our U19 new kid on the block, at her first Surf Carnival, Domi Hart raced her heart out, winning the U19 Women’s Novice Board Race, U19 Women’s Sprint Swim & the U19 Women’s Surf Teams, teaming up with Manna Johnson, another Portsea member, who competes for Hampton, and also coming second in the U19 Surf Race. An amazing effort and day’s racing from Domi!

In the Open category Portsea was well represented across beach and water events; Noah Cameron returned to the surf after 4 years off (racing at National level for flat water kayaking).  In his first event the ocean didn’t hold back a warm welcome sending Noah a bomb set to paddle into! Well trained, Noah responded with a strong race and continued racing to the semi’s and finals. Matt Mahon unfortunately experienced a slight set back with a potential torn calf after racing strongly in the open ski, however this did not stop him from crossing the finish line himself – not taking the option to tag a fellow competitor to finish the run component but braved the last 60m sprint himself. Jools and Charlie both proved to invaluable assisting Noah with knowledgeable racing information as well as competing well themselves in the Open ski events.

Not to be forgotten, our two boat crews had a great day – our Open Women’s Portsea crew came 2nd, and our U23 Mens crew, who also double dipped in the Open Men’s event, placed 3rd in both events.

A big thankyou to our officials on the day, Ben Mitchell, Matt Mahon and Nat Hood, plus the Courtney family who did the 6.30am set up.

Athletes racing on the day


  • Holly Grainger
  • Harvey Larke
  • Cormac O’Callaghan
  • Xavier Purcell
  • Emile Stigter
  • Hamish Wilson-Moran


  • Sophie Courtney
  • Steph Hunter
  • Georgie Kerr
  • Tom Regan


  • Oscar Hunter
  • Griffin Mitchell
  • Steph Mahon
  • Chloe Dowling
  • Manna Johnson


  • Domi Hart


  • Noah Cameron
  • Matt Mahon
  • Julian Grainger
  • Charlie Schall
  • Nick Tissot

Surf Boat Rowers

  • Nicholas Waddell
  • Charles Forbes
  • Hamish Molnar
  • Ben Taylor
  • Jackson McCaffrey
  • Amanda Rukuwai-Donnelly
  • Edwina Banks Anderson
  • Emily Von Moger
  • Melissa Von Moger
  • Stephen Blewett

Final Results

Open Men’s Beach Flags

  • 4th – Oscar Hunter
  • 5th – Nick Tissot

U14 Boys Beach Sprint

  • 2nd – Cormac O’Callaghan

U14 Boys Surf Board

  • 5th – Xavier Purcell

U14 Boys Surf Board Relay

  • 2nd – Harvey Larke, Moran Wilson
  • 4th – Emile Stigter (Composite Team)

U14 Boys Surf Race

  • 3rd – Xavier Purcell
  • 6th – Harvey Larke

U15 Men’s Iron

  • 2nd – Tom Regan

U15 Men’s Surf Board

  • 6th – Tom Regan

U15 Men’s Surf Race

  • 1st – Tom Regan

U15 Women’s Surf Race

  • 5th – Steph Hunter

U15 Womens Board Relay

  • 3 rd – Georgie Kerr, Sophie Courtney, Steph Hunter

U17 Men’s 2 x 1km Beach Relay

  • 1st – Oscar Hunter & Griffin Mitchell

U17 Men’s Beach Flags

  • 3rd – Oscar Hunter

U17 Men’s Beach Sprint

  • 2nd – Oscar Hunter

U17 Men’s Sprint Surf Race

  • 6th – Griffin Mitchell

U19 Mixed Beach Relay

  • 1st – Oscar Hunter (Composite Team)

U19 Women’s Novice Board

  • 1st – Domi Hart

U19 Women’s Sprint Surf Race

  • 1st – Domi Hart

U19 Women’s Surf Race

  • 2nd – Domi Hart

U19 Women’s Surf Team’s

  • 1st – Domi Hart and Manna Johnson

U23 Mens Surf Boat

  • 3rd – Charles Forbes, Hamish Molnar, Nicholas Waddell, Ben Taylor

Open Mens Surf Boat

  • 3rd – Charles Forbes, Hamish Molnar, Nicholas Waddell, Ben Taylor. Sweep – Jackson McCaffrey

Open Womens Surf Boat

  • 2nd – Edwina Banks Anderson, Amanda Rukuwai-Donnelly, Melissa Von Moger, Emily Von Moger. Sweep – Stephen Blewett

Nick Tissot and Nat Hood