Bronze Camp

Have you always wanted to become a surf lifesaver?

To stand proudly on the beach and vigilantly keep an eye on the swimmers in the water?

To give something back to the local community?


If you think this is you, then you should join us on the Portsea SLSC’s Bronze Medallion Camp 2019. As well as learning valuable skills that may one day save a life, it’s also a fun week in the sun, surf and sand with like-minded people!

The Bronze Camp is a week long, live-in camp, where participants train for their Bronze Medallion. At the end of the Camp, “Bronzies” are tested on their knowledge and physical abilities in areas including first aid, life support, surf knowledge, signals and surf lifesaving techniques. The successful demonstration of all these skills will earn candidates their Bronze Medallion and the right to call yourself a “Qualified Surf Lifesaver”.

Having earned your Bronze Medallion, you will be assigned to a designated Patrol and make a commitment to Portsea SLSC that you will come down and attend ALL your rostered patrols to ensure that Portsea is able to safely patrol one of the toughest beaches in Australia and maintain its record of “NO LIVES LOST ON A PATROLLED BEACH SINCE 1949.”


Becoming a volunteer lifesaver is a rewarding experience, you learn leadership, decision making and responsibility. Every Active Member of Portsea loves the beach and has plenty of fun hanging out at the Club. There is a serious side to becoming a surf lifesaver. So before signing up for Bronze Camp, ask yourself “AM I PREPARED TO FULFIL THE COMMITMENT THAT COMES WITH THE BRONZE MEDALLION?” If the answer to this question is “YES” then we would love to have you.


What will I learn on Bronze Camp?

A combination of theory and practical work:

  • Surf Awareness
  • Surf Skills
  • Surf Rescue Skills
  • Patrol Operations
  • Emergency Care
  • Basic First Aid
  • Resuscitation
  • Defibrillation
  • Radio Operations and other communications
  • IRB Awareness

Camp Details

Candidates must be 15 YEARS of age on/by 22nd DECEMBER 2019

Location: Portsea Surf Life Saving Club and Portsea & Blairgowrie Bay Play 

Commences: 12:30pm on Sunday 15th December 2019

Concludes: Presentations begin at Approx. 3:30pm on Saturday 21st of December 2019 (Parents are most welcome)

The cost of camp for the week is $600, this includes all camp costs, accommodation(see details below) and training administration costs. This does not include your membership costs.



The entire camp is live in from drop off to participant pick up. No participants can be enrolled on camp and reside at private residences. Accommodation for the camp will be partially on-site at the new clubhouse and at Portsea & Blairgowrie Bay Play.

Trial Swim

It is a requirement of Surf Lifesaving Australia that all Bronze Candidates are able to successfully complete a 400m freestyle swim, within 9 minutes. All those interested in the Camp should make themselves available (accompanied by a parent if possible) for the Bronze Camp Trial Swim and Information session.


Location: Prahran Aquatic Centre

Date: 22 November 2019

Candidates are able to leave once they have completed their swim


We understand that this is a very busy time for all interested parties with school presentations and some candidates finishing their time at respective school rural campuses. If successful on camp, and it is not feasible to attend the trial swim, the swim will have to be conducted under the supervision of a ASCTA/Austswim qualified representative and parents will need to sign a waiver for their place to be confirmed on camp. If this is you please complete this form and email it to


The Portsea Bronze Camp is an extremely popular program and is heavily oversubscribed each year. Contrary to belief, this is not completely a ‘first come, first serve’ process. Preference has to be given to those who have previously participated in the Portsea SLSC Cadet program, and who show a commitment to the Surf Life Saving movement.


Golden Tickets are awarded to candidates that completed Portsea Cadet Camp in 2018 and showed a commitment to the Portsea Surf Life Saving Club. It was commenced to ensure we use our resources, and limited Bronze Camp positions to educate candidates who show a genuine interest in Surf Life Saving, patrolling and the Portsea Surf Life Saving Club. Participants attitudes and overall enthusiasm will also be considered when assessing golden ticket eligibility. Golden Ticket holders will be given priority registration for camp.

If there was a legitimate reason as to why you did not fulfil the Golden Ticket requirements, or you think there has been an admin error, you must complete the special consideration form prior to Monash 2nd of September 2019 so your case can be considered prior to enrolment.


Special consideration form: Here.

Application Process for Bronze Camp 2019

Bronze Camp applications will open in September. Please note that there are separate registration days for Golden Ticket Holders and Non Golden Ticket Holders. Please read carefully below for instructions on the signup date and process applicable to you.


We aim to be as fair and as efficient as possible, and your patience during this process is greatly appreciated. Final confirmation of your Bronze Camp place is secured after the trial swim.



Application date: Monday the 2nd of September 2019 at 10AM

All golden ticket holders that register within this timeframe will be guaranteed a spot on camp (subject to the trial swim) so please do not rush to fill out the lengthy application form; all of the details are important to us. If you fail to register during this 10 hour window, you will have to register with the Non Golden Ticket holders and your place on Bronze Camp will not be guaranteed.

Please have the following information ready to fill out the application form:

  • Medicare number
  • Date of last tetanus injection
  • Information on any medications/allergies
  • Family doctor contact details
  • Credit card for payment



Application date: Wednesday the 11th of September 2019 at 9:30AM

This is a first-in best-dressed process. The registration will close when the program is full. For your information, if you lodge your application before this time, (ie. During the Golden Ticket Holder priority period) your application will be moved to the bottom of the waiting list, or discarded completely.


The Non Golden Ticket Holder registration form will initially just be a collection of contact details. Please note completing this registration does not confirm your spot on bronze camp, you will be notified whether your spot has been successful in the days following registration and we will send out the full application form for you to complete at this stage. Please have the following details ready:

  • Candidate Name
  • Candidate DOB
  • Candidate Email
  • Candidate Mobile
  • Parent/Guardian Name (if u/18)
  • Parent/Guardian Email (if u/18)
  • Parent/Guardian Mobile (if u/18)


For any Bronze camp information, please email

Claire Tucker-Morrison – Bronze Camp Chief Instructor