The senior program is for active members aged 13 years and older. Seniors not only train for carnivals, fitness and further developing their lifesaving skills, but also to form lifelong friendships within the Portsea SLSC membership and the external competition area. We have land, craft and surfboat teams, competing at all levels including State and National. Many have had great success.


Requirements are club competition cap and club bathers (compulsory)

Additional team uniform may be mandatory if under a Sponsorship agreement, approved by the Competition Director.


Portsea SLSC covers the competition fees for all senior competitors. It is understood that because the senior competitors are patrolling members and attend Portsea SLSC events (such as the Portsea Swim Classic, P2P, Club Champs and social events) that the club in return will cover their entry fees to carnivals.


Training is not reserved for the especially skilled and experienced – it is for everyone! Training is the best time to meet fellow competitors and try something new, and it provides an ideal environment for mastering your surf skills, especially on craft you may not yet be familiar or confident with, like boards.


All competitors are invited and encourages to join in the summer training program. The training program is broken down into the following schedule:

Morning Swimming
“Point to Point” – Meet at the start of the Portsea pier at 7.50am every Thursday throughout January and February to swim the Point to Point and then have a casual coffee and breakfast at the local cafe.

What to bring:

  • Bathers
  • Towel
  • Warm clothes
  • Money for a coffee


Portsea SLSC has a number of boards and surf skis available for use by competitors only. Applications are made by ringing the Competition Director followed by an email submission. A written agreement is entered into and a security deposit of $200 is paid by cheque made out to the Portsea SLSC.

  • Refer to ‘Competition Craft Agreement’ document


Members wanting to compete at carnivals must advise the Team Manager of their intentions by 5pm on the Tuesday prior to the carnival so that entries can be made by the due date. Any member who does not advise Team Manager of their intention to compete will not be entered. Should they then wish to compete, the member must advise the Team Manager immediately. They may be liable to pay the additional late entry fee of twice the normal entry fee to the Portsea SLSC at the carnival prior to participating in any events. If the late entry fee is not paid the member will not be permitted to compete at the carnival.


Standard full carnivals will start at 8.30am with beach and water events begin at 9.30am sharp (refer to carnival timetables for exact timing). The Club Tent (depending on conditions) should be up by 9am at the latest.

There is a standard entry list for targeted carnivals. If a competitor wants to be on this list they must contact the Competition Manager. If a competitor wants to compete at a non targeted carnival they must contact the Competition Manager no later than the Tuesday prior to that carnival. On the beach, competitors marshal themselves for every event, or with the assistance of the Area Captain, Coaches or Competition Director.


All competitors are to ensure they have red Portsea bathers. These are available from Swimwear Galore, Sorrento. Red and White Competition Caps can be collected from the Competition Director.

When entering/marshalling your events at carnivals, it is compulsory to be wearing a Portsea competition training t-shirt or club shirt and a hat. This is in accordance with SunSmart’s sponsorship of surf lifesaving.


  1. Have re/qualified your Bronze medallion or Surf Rescue Certificate for the current season.
  2. Complete 16 patrol hours for the current calendar year, or 4 hours if a new member.
  3. Pay Club Membership & Championship entry fees.
  4. Have Portsea SLSC bathers & cap.

To compete for Portsea, competitors must have re-qualified for their Bronze Medallion, or Surf Rescue Certificate and paid their membership for the current season.

To be eligible for Victorian and Australian Titles, 16 patrol hours must be completed between 1st January and 31 December (of the current year), and signed in the patrol book found in the Radio Room. Note that you must include your signature and sign on & off.

Ages are taken from the 30 September. eg. If you are aged fifteen on 30 September you compete as an U17 for the season.

In Individual events you may compete in your age group and Open. However you can compete in more than one age group in team events. Eg you might compete in the U17, U19 and Open Beach Relay during the same carnival.

If you are U15 age group you can only compete in your age group. The exception is a competitor that was U15 on September the 30th but turned 15 during the season and qualified for their Bronze after their Birthday.

The patrol roster has been devised so there are minimal conflicts with carnivals. If, on the odd chance, there is a conflict the competitor must either:

  1. Do the patrol and miss the carnival, or
  2. Find and ensure the substitute person attends the patrol in their absence

The competitor is responsible and will be held accountable to the full committee if their patrolling obligations are not met. Further, subsidies for the Australian Titles will be withdrawn.


Swim & beach incentives are available to competitors of Portsea SLSC for the following items:

  • Transport costs
  • Accommodation costs

Refer to the ‘Australian Subsides Application’ document.