2023/24 REQUALS

It’s that time of year again to complete your annual Skills Maintenance, better known as requals!

The Requal process will be different this year when compared with previous seasons. Please read the following information below carefully and send any questions to requals@portseasurf.com.au.


What did you complete last Season? Requal Requirements
U/13 Nippers and below No Requal Required
Surf Rescue Certificate (SRC) Camp Enrolled for Cadet Camp – No Requal
NOT Enrolled for Cadets – Requal Required
Cadet Camp Enrolled for Bronze Camp – No Requal
NOT Enrolled for Bronze – Requal Required
Bronze Camp Enrolled for Silver Camp – No Requal
NOT Enrolled for Silver – Requal Required
Silver Camp MUST Requal (regardless of attending Platinum Camp)
Platinum Camp MUST Requal
All other active members MUST Requal

*Please check that your Requal has been processed prior to attending patrol. If you are unsure, check your awards on mt.lsv.com.au.


Award Requal Frequency
Bronze Medallion (BM) Annually (every 12 months)
Silver Medallion Patrol Captain (SMPC) Annually from 2024/2025 Season
Silver Medallion Aquatic Rescue (SMAR) Annually (every 12 months)
Inflatable Rescue Boat Crew (IRBC) Annually (every 12 months)
Inflatable Rescue Boat Driver (IRBD) Annually (every 12 months)
Side-by-Side Operator Certificate (SSV) Annually (every 12 months)
Advanced Resuscitation Techniques (ART) Annually (every 12 months) + Annual CPR
First Aid (FA) Full Course (see below) + Annual CPR


Award Requal Process
Bronze Medallion (BM) Skills Maintenance
Silver Medallion Patrol Captain (SMPC) Skills Maintenance
Silver Medallion Aquatic Rescue (SMAR) Skills Maintenance
Inflatable Rescue Boat Crew (IRBC) Skills Maintenance
Inflatable Rescue Boat Driver (IRBD) Skills Maintenance
Side-by-Side Operator Certificate (SSV) Skills Maintenance
Advanced Resuscitation Techniques (ART) Skills Maintenance OR Full Course (expiry dependant) + Full CPR Course every year
First Aid (FA) Full Course Every 3 Years + Full CPR Course every year

* Skills Maintenance = Normal Requal at Portsea SLSC


Some lifesaving awards – the emergency care awards – include additional Australian accredited healthcare qualifications (called Units of Competency) and require different processes to maintain proficiency & currency.

Some professions (including paid lifeguarding services) require these units to be up-to-date; normal requal sessions at the club DO NOT update these units.

The table below summarises these units, the relevant lifesaving award, and the update process required:

Unit of Competency Related LSV Award Qualification Update Process
HLTAID009 Resuscitation (CPR) Full Course every 12 months
HLTAID011 First Aid (FA) Full Course every 3 years + annual HLTAID009
HLTAID015 Advanced Resuscitation Techniques (ART)* Full Course every 3 years + annual HLTAID009

* NOTE: to maintain your ART Lifesaving Award, you must also complete your annual Skills Maintenance which primarily refreshes utilising oxygen and resuscitation equipment (outlined above).


For the majority of active members, Portsea is offering 3 days for members to complete their requals this season.

This will allow for a greater ease when processing your paperwork and enables the most efficient processes for our incredible team of instructors.

Portsea SLSC’s Education Team WILL NOT BE ABLE to process requals for individuals outside of the specified Requal days.

If you cannot attend, you will be required to undertake your requal at a different club prior to December 31st if you wish to remain an active member.

Portsea SLSC 2023/24 Requal Days
Date Times Awards available for Requal Location
11/11/2023 9:30 -11:30 Patrol Leaders (C, VC, Mentors) ONLY (All Awards) Portsea SLSC
19/11/2023 13:00 -15:00 Bronze Medallion Portsea SLSC
02/12/2023 9:30 -12:00 IRB Crew & IRB Drivers Portsea SLSC
02/12/2023 14:00 -16:00 ART + Resuscitation Portsea SLSC
03/12/2023 9:00 -18:30 Bronze Medallion – Multiple Sessions^^ Quarantine
10/12/2023 TBC Bronze Instructors ONLY Portsea SLSC

^^See Bronze Medallion Sessions Below.


The majority of Portsea’s Bronze requals will occur on 03/12/2023. There will be multiple sessions / time slots that you will be able to choose from for your convenience. You only need to enrol for one session.

The session times available on December 3rd include:

  • 9:00am – 11:00am
  • 10:00am – 12:00pm
  • 11:00am – 1:00pm
  • 12:00pm – 2:00pm
  • 1:30pm – 3:30pm
  • 12:30pm – 4:30pm
  • 3:30pm – 5:30pm
  • 4:30pm – 6:30pm

Each session is limited to 24 candidates and will be filled on a first come, first serve basis. Instructions on how to enrol for skills maintenance can be found below.


All sessions will be able to be booked from Monday 23 October 2023

  1. Ensure your member details are correct on both your SLS Members Area (https://members.sls.com.au/) and LSV Member Training Portal (https://mt.lsv.com.au/).
  2. From the LSV Member Training Portal home page, click on the large, grey box titled ‘Skills Maintenance’.
  3. Click the orange ‘Enrol’ buttons for each award you need to requalify.
  4. Refresh your page, and then click the blue ‘Launch’ button for each relevant award.
  5. Complete the prescribed LSV e-learning for each award. Make sure you click ‘Save & Exit’ before closing the e-learning window. Repeat this for all awards you need to requalify.
  6. When you refresh your page after completing the e-learning, you should see a green ‘Complete’ box with the instructions “go to Step 2”.
  7. Take a screenshot of all your completed awards and ensure it is accessible to present to your instructor on the day of your requal.
  8. At the top of your page – underneath the red ‘Skills Maintenance’ box – click the button “02 – Book Practical”.
  9. Once arriving at this page, click on one of the blue ‘Find a Session’ buttons. This will take you to the practical booking screen.
  10. Scroll down until you find one of the Portsea SLSC’s listed requal sessions. Make sure to check that the awards you wish to requalify are listed as part of the session you enrol into. Click the blue ‘Enrol’ button.
  11. Double check your personal information, then click ‘Next’.
  12. Carefully read and click the confirmation checkboxes.
  13. Sign your signature digitally using your mouse cursor, then click “Confirm”.
  14. You have successfully enrolled in the Skills Maintenance course and will receive an email confirmation to your nominated email address.


  1. Go to https://mt.lsv.com.au/.
  2. Sign in using your SLS Members Area credentials.
  3. From the home dashboard, scroll down until you find the following listed courses:
    • “Resuscitation – ART SM Upskill” at Portsea on 02/12/2023
  4. Once you have found the course indicated above, click on the blue “Enrol” button.
  5. Check the Pre-requisite requirements and software recommendations, and then click on “Proceed”.
  6. Double-check your basic personal information, then click “Next”.
  7. Double-check your background information, then click “Next”.
  8. Carefully read and click the confirmation checkboxes.
  9. Sign your signature digitally using your mouse cursor, then click “Confirm”.
  10. You have successfully enrolled in the course and will receive an email confirmation to your nominated email address.
  11. Complete your CPR E-Learning Modules (see below)


NOTE: These modules are compulsory; failure to complete these modules by the session start date will result in you being unable to process your ART Requal. You will have to attend another requal & CPR session over summer instead once your modules have been completed.

  1. Go to https://mt.lsv.com.au/.
  2. Sign in using your SLS Members Area credentials.
  3. From the home dashboard, click on the grey box, “View Enrolled Courses”.
  4. Navigate until you can find the course titled ‘Resuscitation’.
  5. Click the blue “Launch” box to open the e-learning. You may be required to open the modules in another window.
  6. Work through each of the modules. New modules will become available when you successfully complete the prior module’s assessment.
    • IMPORTANT: Make sure you ALWAYS click “Save & Exit” when you want to take a break from your e-learning!
  7. Once you have completed all the e-learning modules, you will be presented with a ‘Congratulations’ screen. Ensure you click “Save & Exit”; then you will have completed your e-learning components and are ready to!
  8. Please take a screenshot of the ‘Congratulations’ Screen to provide proof of completion in the unlikely case of an IT fault prior to the session.