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Henry Kiss


Ashley Slee

After completing Bronze in 2016, I was involved as an active club member and a member of the Usual Suspects patrol. I am involved in the Junior Competition Team and a team committee member helping out in a variety of ways. This summer I am looking forward to getting more involved with the Nippers Program and a summer ... More

Will Kift

Hi, I’m Will Kift and I am stepping into the roles of Captain of the Usual Suspects and Advanced Training Officer for the upcoming season. I have been a Portsea SLSC member for 12 years. Previously, I have been an instructor on Bronze and Silver Camps and recently I have been the Chief Instructor for the SRC program and ... More

James Nola

I joined the club back in 2011 after doing my Bronze, I became a patrol captain of the Usual Suspects a few years later. Portsea SLSC is such a wonderful place and community to be a member of. Like many others, the club has become a large and wonderful part of my life for which I couldn't be any more grateful More