When does Nippers registration open?

Registration for U7-U9 and Starfish Nippers will open at 10:00am on Monday 4 September. Registration for U10-U13 will open at 10:00am on Wednesday 6 September.

How much does Nippers cost?

Nippers registration is $200 per participant. Starfish Nippers registration is $95.

What age group am I in?

Age groups are determined by your age as at 30 September 2023. For example, if you are 10 on 30 September 2023, then you will be in the U11 age group for Nippers this season.

What is the accreditation swim?

The accreditation swim allows our water safety team to assess your child’s ability before participating in water-based activities. They can only participate in beach activities if they don’t satisfactorily complete the accreditation swim.

Upon satisfactorily completing the accreditation swim, your child will receive a coloured wristband which must be worn each day of the Nippers program. No wristband = no water-based activities, no exceptions.

Does my child have to do the accreditation swim?

Yes, the accreditation swim is a prerequisite for participating in our Nippers program for all ages (U/7 to U/13).

What if we can’t make the accreditation swim on the first day of the program?

If you are unable to attend the accreditation swim, your child will need to be separately assessed during the Nippers program, based on availability of water safety staff and at the discretion of the beach manager. That may not always occur on the second day of the program so please make every effort to attend on 27 December.

I can't pick up my Nippers bag on 27 December. Can I get someone else to pick it up for me?

No. You get your Nippers bag when you have successfully completed the accreditation swim. If you cannot do the accreditation swim on 27 December, you will need to do your accreditation swim before you participate in the water-based elements of the Nippers program. Once you have successfully completed the accreditation swim, you will be given a wristband and can collect your bag from the Nipper admin desk.

Can I have a swim school teacher sign off that my child satisfies the accreditation swim requirements?

No. Forms signed from swim school teachers are not accepted. As noted above, if you cannot make the accreditation swim, your child will need to be separately assessed during the Nippers program, based on availability of water safety staff and at the discretion of the beach manager.

When do I get my Nippers pack?

Nippers packs will be available for collection at the accreditation swim on 27 December. 27 December is your best opportunity to change the size of your child’s rashie.

What do I wear to Nippers?

All participants must wear Portsea SLSC swimming togs. These can be purchased from Swimwear Galore in Sorrento. Portsea SLSC jammers are only available from the Portsea SLSC shop. If your child wears a wetsuit, the Portsea rashie (from the Nippers pack) must be worn over the top of the wetsuit.

What is the Starfish Nippers program?

Starfish Nippers is a modified and structured Nippers program for young people of all abilities, designed to build confidence in beach and water safety awareness. The program demonstrates a community commitment to inclusion and diversity and will involve games and activities on the beach and in the water. The program will be run entirely by Portsea SLSC volunteers including those with specialised skills and experiences in working with children with a disability.

Who is the Starfish Nippers program designed for?

The Starfish Nippers program is designed for young people aged 6 years and above with a disability, including physical and intellectual disabilities and/or learning difficulties. The program can be modified to suit an individual participant’s needs so that everyone can be included.

Is participation in the Starfish Nippers program capped?

Yes, for safety reasons, our Nippers program is capped at 15 participants.

More information can be found here.

What kind of activities do Starfish Nippers do?

Modified Nippers beach and water activities such as games, running, signals, beach flags, wading, swimming, and boards.

I've enrolled my child in Nippers but now cannot attend. Can I get a refund?

You can apply for a refund if you withdraw from Nippers before 8 December 2023. Please contact

Can I get a refund if the Nippers program is cancelled?

Once the program has commenced, no refunds will be provided.

If I have more questions about the Nippers program, who can help me?

Please contact our Nippers Administrator, Bridget Smith, at


Any member, guest, employee, volunteer, or contractor aged 12 or above that wants to enter the Portsea SLSC clubhouse, patrol the beach or participate in our education programs will need to be fully vaccinated for COVID-19.

Further information on LSV’s vaccination position and how it will be managed has been detailed in this comprehensive FAQ document.


The dates for the Nipper program are as follows:

  • 27th December 2023 – Session 1 – Accreditation Swim (Quarantine) and New Nipper families afternoon tea (Clubhouse)
  • 29th December 2023 – Session 2
  • 31st December 2023 – Session 3
  • 2nd January 2024 – Session 4
  • 3rd January 2024 – Nipper Disco
  • 4th January 2024 – Session 5 and Nipper parents and friends cocktail party
  • 6th January 2024 – Session 6, U13 Farewell BBQ & Nipper Parent Helper Drinks
  • 7th January 2024– Session 7 – Nipper Competition Day


Session 1 – Accreditation Swim – Quarantine Station

The accreditation swim is a compulsory part of the program. The accreditation consists of the following activities:

Course 1 U7 – 3m glide and 30 sec float (on back)
Course 2 U8 & 9 – 25 Metre swim, 1 min float
U10 – 25 metre swim, 1 1⁄2 min float
U11 – 50 metre swim, 2 min float
Course 3 U12 – 100 swim float, 2 min float
U13 – 150 metre swim, 3 min float


The accreditation swim will be held on 27th December. We will run the accreditation swim by registered surname (family name) at the following times:

Time Group
9:00am A-G
10:00am H-O
11:00am P-Z

Please arrive promptly at your allocated time. 


Accreditation wristbands will be provided to all participants who meet the above requirements, and they must be worn throughout the program. No wristband, no water-based activities, no exceptions.


Please ensure that you join the “Portsea SLSC Nippers community” on Team App as soon as possible. We will be using Team App for all communications in relation to the program.