How do I renew my membership?

We sent an email to all current members on Wednesday, 9th September inviting them to activate their membership in the new system. If you click on the link in that email you will be guided through the steps required to renew your membership. Note that if you are part of a family membership, you need to log into the Primary member’s account to renew your membership.

Why did I receive multiple welcome emails?

All members will have an account in HelloClub. If you had the same email address set up for more than one family member, you will receive more than one welcome email. Be careful to use the Primary member’s account to log in to renew your membership.

I have set up my account but I can’t work out how to renew my subscription. What should I do?

If you are not prompted to renew your subscription when you log in, you have probably logged in as the non-primary member of your family membership. Only the Primary member can pay subscriptions. If you are definitely logged in as the Primary member of your family membership and you are still having problems, work through this FAQ to see if the answer is here. If all else fails, please contact the club on membership@portseasurf.com.au

My subscription type looks wrong. How do I change it?

Please email the club at membership@portseasurf.com.au to request changes to your subscription type.

My subscription type looks wrong. How do I change it?

The club has introduced an age limit of 25 for child members within family memberships. Children must be under 25 by 1st September the year that they are joining or renewing their membership. Children over the age of 25 have been set up with individual accounts. If this does not explain why some of your family members are missing, or if you don’t like the way we have configured your family, please email the club at membership@portseasurf.com.au and provide the name, date of birth and email address of missing family members.

Why did I receive more than one invitation to activate my membership?

We sent one email to each club member. If you had the same email address listed for more than one family member, you will have received an invitation email for each family member. Please activate each account separately.

Does the new system work with Safari?

You may remember that our old membership system was incompatible with Safari, which made life difficult for uses of Apple devices. Happily, the new system works with Safari just fine.

Can I use the system on my phone?

Yes, the new system works on your smartphone. You don’t need to download an app, you should be able to access it directly through your browser.

I really want to stay involved in the club but this has been a tough year for me. What help is available?

The Club has introduced a hardship process to help members who need assistance. To enquire about this facility, please send a confidential email to secretary@portseasurf.com.au.