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Sophie Croft

I joined Portsea some 8 years ago as our eldest daughter Alexandra started Nippers. Since then our family has been actively involved in a variety of programs and the club has become a big part of our summer and life due to our various involvements and friendships. After spending some 30 plus years in retail, product ... More

Melissa Lamb

I joined PSLSC a short 6 years ago via the involvement of my youngest daughter Eliza in the Nipper program. Over this time The Club has become an integral part of our families Summer, as both Jessica and Eliza have taken on their own roles within various Education programs and Patrolling. When the call went out for members ... More

Sharon Landy

Our family joined the lifesaving club in 2011 and both my daughters participated in the Nipper program and the Bronze camps. I did my part-time Bronze Medallion in 2014 but after a particularly challenging rip swim realised that my skills were more suited to the Merchandise Committee! I really enjoy communicating with ... More

James Nola

I joined the club back in 2011 after doing my Bronze, I became a patrol captain of the Usual Suspects a few years later. Portsea SLSC is such a wonderful place and community to be a member of. Like many others, the club has become a large and wonderful part of my life for which I couldn't be any more grateful More