Portsea Bridge Lessons with Justin Mill

Portsea Surf Club is excited to offer intermediate bridge lessons for the second year in a row! Both PSLSC members and their guests will be able to enjoy Bridge lessons at The Club!

  • N.B beginners are welcome but will need to have play experience to understand correct terminology.

The lessons will run over the four Thursdays in January 2021.

  • Sessions start on Thursday 7th January.
  • Each session will run from 9.30am-11.30am.
  • Members are able to sign up for each individual day or all four days in the series.
  • Sessions, this year, are capped at 60 people per session.
  • The sessions will run for the two hours, with a 15 minute interval when morning tea will be provided.
  • COVID restrictions may still apply and please bring your membership card to enable sign in at the door.

Bookings for a PSLSC member

Bookings will open on Tuesday 8th December at 11am.

To make a booking as a PSLSC member, follow the instructions below. 

  1. Click on the “Hello Club Login” button below to be redirected to Hello Club.
  2. Sign into your PSLSC Hello Club account.
  3. Click on the “Calendar” button, once logged into your Hello Club PSLSC account.
  4. Move through the Hello Club Calendar to January 7th 2021.
  5. Click on “Bridge Lessons at Portsea SLSC” on January 7th 2021.
  6. Choose your dates (single day or whole events series).
  7. Sign up and follow the next steps to finalise booking and payment.
  8. To book another day (rather than the whole series) navigate to that date and repeat the process.
Hello Club Login

Bookings for a Guest

To make a booking as a guest of a PSLSC member, follow the instructions below. 

  1. As the PSLSC member, please email Sophie Cooper to express interest in bringing a guest to Portsea’s bridge lessons
  2. Please include your guests full name and requested lesson dates (your guest needs to accompany a PSLSC member).
  3. The ticket costs will be charged to the inviting PSLSC member’s account.
  4. The inviting PSLSC member will need to recoup the ticket costs from their non-member guest directly.

Please note, PSLSC is unable to charge non-members directly for the cost of the tickets. Charging for lessons therefore must be done via a PSLSC member directly.

Once tickets have been purchased, they cannot be refunded.

The deadline for guests of PSLSC members to purchase a ticket will be Wednesday 23rd December at midday.

Numbers for each Bridge lesson are capped and therefore may sell out. Tickets will be sold on a first come, first serve basis.

If any assistance is required with booking sessions, please call the PSLSC administration office on 5923 1014, during office hours.