Patrol Captain Applications 2019-20

I am very excited to be stepping in as your new Lifesaving Director for the upcoming 19/20 season. Thank you to Bec Gould for all her hard work over the last 8 years and for getting our patrolling group into an excellent position.

Patrol Captain / Vice Captain / Mentor Applications

If you would like to take on a patrol leadership role this summer then please complete ONE of the following application forms:

NEW Patrol Captain PREVIOUS Patrol Captain

Why should you apply for a patrol leadership position?

Opportunity to develop leadership and management skills that are unlikely to be matched by a volunteer or paid role of similar experience i.e. managing and ensuring the safety of thousands of beach patrons on a busy northerly day.

Demonstrate your passion and commitment to surf lifesaving and the safety of the wider community.

Enhance your position and earn respect within our amazing surf club (which just got an awesome new building).

Application close Sunday 19th August at 10pm.


Chris Perrott

Lifesaving Director